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Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation has announced the passenger guide has been updated. The updating of the guide follows the approval by the relevant authorities to allow exceptional international travel. Under the updated guide, non-Saudis will not be able to enter the Kingdom unless they have submitted evidence they are Coronavirus-free. This has to be based on a recent testing by a reliable and approved medical entity outside the Kingdom and no more than 48 hours after they arrived at an airport in the Kingdom. Travellers have to comply with the relevant anti-Coronavirus measures. These require passengers to isolate at home for a timeframe which will be determined by the Health Ministry.

They also have to download and use the Tetamen and Tawaklna applications and commit to a full medical disclosure when they are making a travel reservation. They also have to report if they have any Coronavirus symptoms. These measures are in addition to the previous protocols formerly applied, most notably the purchase of airline tickets via electronic means, arrive at the airport before their flight departure in an adequate time, take a passenger’s temperature at the airport and those with temperatures over 38 degrees will not be allowed to travel. They also have to sterilise their hands when entering the terminal and wear a cloth mask when entering the airport. Those who do not wear a face mask will not be allowed to travel. Facemasks and gloves must be worn for the duration of the flight and during disembarking. Passengers will have to commit to a full medical disclosure when they are making their reservation and report any Coronavirus symptoms. Each passenger will only be allowed to carry one piece of hand luggage and electronic payment methods should be used as much as possible. Queues when flights are being boarded will have to be avoided and in shuttle buses and boarding bridges. Passengers have to observe the relevant social distancing rules by adhering to the stickers on the floor of the terminal. Sterilisers will also be provided across the Kingdom’s 28 airports and all airport workers and aircrews will have to undertake medical examinations, sterilise hands, wear face masks, gloves and protection shields. All airports have to be continuously disinfected and all aircraft after each journey. Glass barriers separating travellers from service providers who issue boarding passes and baggage claim have also been installed. An area has also been provided for suspected cases to be isolated. The Authority also encourages payments to be made electronically where possible. Social distancing rules at all service providers, restaurants and cafes have to be complied with. Service providers also have to ensure aircraft are boarded gradually and social distancing has to be observed. Passenger bridges, shuttle buses and medical lifts have to be disinfected before and after each use. In aircraft, all cabin crew and passengers have to wear face masks and gloves for the duration of the flight. The guide also says travellers have to commit to disposing of face masks and gloves in rubbish bins which are available at the airport. Luggage trolleys also have to be made available in the designated area for disinfection. Full story

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