Entry Procedures for Arrivals Via King Fahd Causeway Announced

The Bahraini authorities have announced the entry procedures for arrivals to the Kingdom via the King Fahd Causeway. These include taking a compulsory PCR test at the King Fahd Causeway. This will cost 60 Dinars. Arrivals should also download and register on the BeAware Bahrain application and self-isolate until they receive a negative test result. If an arrival receives a positive result, they will be contacted by the Kingdom’s health authorities and provided with appropriate instructions to be followed. Arrivals with a positive test result must remain in self-isolation. Those who have taken a PCR test up to 72 hours before arrival in the Kingdom, will be able to present their negative test results on the BeAware Bahrain application without having to undergo the entry procedures. All arrivals are being urged to comply with the other anti-Coronavirus measures, including wearing face masks in public and public gatherings should be avoided. Full story

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