Committee to Investigate Coronavirus Cases in Sports Clubs Established

Bahrain’s Youth and Sports Affairs Minister has announced a committee to investigate Coronavirus cases in sports clubs and federations has been established. A Decision to this effect has been issued. Under the Decision, case investigation committees will be established in sports clubs and federations and will carry out their work together with the national medical team responsible for dealing with Coronavirus and its directives. The committee will find out about any athletes or sports club and federation employees who are infected with Coronavirus and take the necessary measures to carry out their work. This will include communicating with the committee and circulating information to sports clubs and federations. They will also receive reports from clubs and federations regarding suspicious or infected cases and communicate with the medical authorities after they receive these reports to take the necessary measures to carry out the appropriate tests and checks. They will also verify the sources of infection and trace those who were in contact with the infected person and submit a detailed report along with the test results and the decisions reached by the committee and its recommendations. They will submit them to the Youth and Sports Affairs Minister within four days of the date they were notified of the case and their taking of the necessary action. Full story

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