All UAE Airports Accept COVID-19 Tests from Any Reputable Lab

Passengers travelling to the UAE can now undergo pre-flight testing at any reputable clinic overseas. Federal crisis authority Ncema has said any facility approved by the government of the relevant country can carry out a Covid-19 test for travellers to the UAE. All residents, tourists and citizens must be tested within 96 hours of travelling to the UAE and present their negative report to the airline check-in desk. Previously, travellers had to take a test in a network of UAE-recognised clinics which were affiliated with Pure Health, a major Gulf testing lab, which meant some people had to travel large distances to be tested. Prior to the federal decision, Dubai had allowed airlines to accept tests from National Health Service hospitals and other reputable facilities. Ncema reiterated that all travellers to the six emirates, excluding Dubai, must register on the website of the ICA immigration authority before they fly, to ensure they do not have problems returning. Dubai requires its residents to apply to its GDRFA immigration service to return to the country. Full story

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