1000 Residency Permits are Expiring A DAY

The residency permits of 1,000 expats are expiring a day as they remain stuck outside Kuwait and their Kuwaiti sponsors have not renewed their permits. The Ministry of Interior is allowing sponsors and companies to renew their employees’ residence permits online, via the ministry’s website. Expats who have an expired residency are unable to return to Kuwait unless their employer has renewed their residency or they enter on a new visa. Although, a lot of companies and employers are renewing the residency of employees who are stuck abroad, there are still employers that have not renewed their employees’ residencies, or that of their families, therefore so are responsible for their residency permit] expiring Under regular circumstances, residencies are voided for those who spend more than six months outside of Kuwait with a valid visa. However,t since the beginning of COVID-19, the Ministry of Interior has extended the period for those with valid visas who are stuck abroad to the end of the year. Around 40,000 expats have lost their residence permits as they have failed to renew them because they are stuck abroad. The Ministry of Interior is likely to meet soon to discuss the fate of 70,000 expats stuck abroad. The committee will look into who will be allowed to return to Kuwait. Kuwait International Airport has been closed since 13 March 2020 and the country has prohibited the entry of commercial flights. In April, the government initiated a repartition plan that was aimed at evacuating 50,000 Kuwaiti citizens that were stuck abroad. The government has also allowed expats to leave the country on a total of 993 flights. However, the airport is set to open at a 30 per cent capacity on 1 August 2020. Full story

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