Mosques Can Increase Capacity to 50% From 3 August

The UAE authorities have announced mosques can increase their capacity to 50% from 3 August. However, worshippers will still have to comply with the social distancing rules and keep two metres between them. They have to comply with all other anti-Coronavirus measures.

The period between the call to prayer and prayers will be extended to ten minutes, except for Maghrib prayer, which will be five minutes. Eid Al-Adha prayers will be carried out in homes and takbeers and will be broadcast on audio-visual channels. In addition, the Emirates Council for Sharia Fatwa have recommended donations and sacrifices only be made to official charitable causes in the country. Family visits and gatherings should be avoided and Eid gifts and money should not be distributed to children and individuals in person. Money should be given electronically instead. Pregnant women, children and those with chronic diseases who are most vulnerable to Coronavirus should not be visited and they should not leave home. They should also avoid going out in public places. Domestic workers are still banned from meeting anyone outside their home and where they have to leave they should be provided with personal protective equipment. Full story

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