Dubai: Crew Changes Allowed to Resume

Dubai’s Maritime City Authority has announced crew changes across all ports and anchorage areas in Dubai will be able to resume. They will be able to resume provided the anti-Coronavirus measures announced by the Dubai Health Authority are complied with. Under the Authority’s new Decision, all agents will have to work with the Authority and other relevant UAE authorities to ensure the quick processing of crew transfers from ships to airports and vice versa. All agents will have to undertake the required medical examinations in line with the relevant anti-Coronavirus measures The announcement is in line with the Authority’s commitment to provide all necessary means to ensure the full return of the local maritime sector to normality. It follows after the successful completion of the National Disinfection Programme in the Emirate. They will ensure the highest levels of security and safety of crew members, visitors and employees are in place. The Authority is also aiming to consolidate the Emirate’s position as one of the safest and most competitive and attractive maritime hubs in the world. Elsewhere, the Authority has issued a Decision allowing maritime operations across Dubai’s anchorage areas to resume. The aim of this Decision is to enable ships in the Emirate’s territorial waters to have access to a diverse range of services, including maintenance and repair, subject to obtaining the proper permits from the Authority and other relevant authorities. All these companies have to comply with anti-Coronavirus measures. Full story

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