Fines for Haj Permit Violations Announced

According to local newspaper reports, the fines for Haj permit violations have been approved. According to the reports, fines of 10,000 Riyals will be imposed. If the violation is repeated the fine will be doubled. The fines will be imposed on those entering Mina, Muzdalifah or Arafat without a Haj permit. Pilgrims will be issued with a smart card, which will contain all the details of how the pilgrimage is going to operate and be managed. A bag, containing a prayer rug, sanitisers, face masks and other anti-Coronavirus equipment, will be supplied to pilgrims. They will also be provided with Zamzam packets at every pilgrimage point. Specific sterilised tracks will be arranged for pilgrims in mataf which is the area around the Holy Kaaba and masa which is the area for the ritual of sai between Safa and Marwah. Social distancing rules of two metres will have to be complied with. There will be separate accommodation for each pilgrim and each pilgrim will have to have at least nine metres. The Mina residential towers can also be used for pilgrim accommodation. Full story

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