ArchiveJune 2020

Travel Restrictions for Elderly Relaxed


Turkey’s Interior Ministry has announced travel restrictions for the elderly in the country have been relaxed. Under the relaxation, those over 65 will be able to travel for tourism purposes with permission from the relevant authorities. Permission will be given through a Tourism Purpose Travel Permission. Permission will be given for up to six people, including spouses, siblings and...

Malls and Restaurants Can Increase Capacity to 60%


The UAE’s Health and Prevention Ministry and the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority have announced malls and restaurants can increase their occupancy to 60%. It was previously 30%. However, a maximum of four people will be allowed at each table and tables will have to be two metres apart. Waiting areas will remain closed and outlets must only serve food and drink...

Covid-19 : publication au BORM de la loi n° 30-20 édictant des mesures particulières relatives aux contrats de voyage et de séjour touristiques et aux contrats de transport aérien de passagers


Le Dahir n° 1-20-63 du 5 chaoual 1441 (28 mai 2020) portant promulgation de la loi n° 30-20 édictant des mesures particulières relatives aux contrats de voyage et de séjour touristiques et aux contrats de transport aérien de passagers a été publié au BORM n° 6892, du 26 chaoual 1441 (18 juin 2020), dans son édition de traduction officielle. Cette loi, visant à amortir le choc de la crise...

Mosques to be Allowed to Reopen for Prayers


The head of the Religious Affairs Directorate in Turkey has announced mosques will be allowed to reopen for prayers. Worshippers will have to wear face masks and comply with social distancing rules. Mosques had already been allowed to reopen for afternoon and Friday prayers. Full story

Malls Will Always Have to Close at 10pm


A spokesperson for Egypt’s Cabinet has announced the rule requiring cafes, malls and shops to close at 10pm will be permanent. It was introduced originally as part of anti-Coronavirus measures. Clubs, coffee shops, and restaurants will be allowed to reopen from 27 June but must not be more than 25% full. However, shops, malls, cafes and public areas in governorates who cater to large number...

Mosques to be Allowed to Reopen


Egypt’s Endowments Ministry has announced mosques in the country will be allowed to reopen this weekend and perform five daily prayers. However, they will have to comply with anti-Coronavirus measures. A ban on Friday’s collective prayers will not be lifted and no lessons, seminars, recitations or other activities will be able to resume. Toilets will have to stay closed and banquet...

Restaurants and Cafes to be Allowed to Reopen


Egypt’s Local Development Ministry has announced the guidelines for licensed restaurants and cafes to reopen from Saturday. Restaurants will be allowed to open until 10pm every day. They will only be able to be 25% full until further notice and will have to ensure social distancing rules are complied with. This means two metres must be kept each table, and one metre between people at a...

More Businesses Allowed to Reopen


The Regional Municipalities and Water Resources Ministry has issued a statement announcing more businesses can reopen from tomorrow. The Decision does not apply to shops in public markets. They will only be allowed to reopen if they comply with anti-Coronavirus measures including social distancing. Labour recruitment offices, shops selling used spare parts, textiles, doors or windows, artificial...

Measures to Protect National Industries Approved


Bahrain’s Cabinet has approved measures to protect national industries and protect national products from harmful practices in international trade, including dumping and material damage by flooding the market with similar products. They decided to implement the Unified Law (System) on Anti-Dumping, Countervailing and Preventive Measures of the GCC countries and its Implementing Regulations...

50% of Government Employees to Return to Workplaces in Sharjah


Following directives from the Executive Council, Sharjah’s Directorate of Human Resources has announced up to 50% of Government employees in the Emirate will be allowed to return to their workplaces from 28 June. The Directorate issued a Circular to this effect. However, departments and entities must be happy to receive this percentage of employees and implement the decision. All...