Abu Dhabi: Indoor Individual Sports Activities Can Resume

Abu Dhabi’s Sports Council has announced indoor individual sports activities in the Emirate can resume. Gyms will also be able to open for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, they must commit to apply anti-Coronavirus measures to sports facilities, training teams and players. Procedures for training include conducting a Coronavirus test before resuming activities. They must also wear a face mask and gloves while they are in work and constantly replace them. Sports equipment and devices should be sterilised before use and every hour and sterilising sports facilities after each training period. Players will have to take a thermal test before and during training. They must also commit to wearing face masks and gloves throughout the training and constantly replace them They must also comply with social distancing rules by keeping two metres between them. In addition, they have to bring their own personal hygiene supplies and train individually, except for group training classes. Full story

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