Restaurants and Cafes to be Allowed to Reopen

Egypt’s Local Development Ministry has announced the guidelines for licensed restaurants and cafes to reopen from Saturday. Restaurants will be allowed to open until 10pm every day. They will only be able to be 25% full until further notice and will have to ensure social distancing rules are complied with. This means two metres must be kept each table, and one metre between people at a table. Up to six people will be allowed at a table. Lifts should not be more than 50% full and children’s play areas will stay closed. Parties, special events and large gatherings will also be banned and restaurants will have to place signs at the entrance warning those with Coronavirus symptoms will not be allowed to enter. They should also provide hand sanitiser at entrances and buffet services will be banned. Shisha will also still not be allowed to be served in cafes and restaurants. Tablecloths should be removed from tables as well and replaced with single-use covers. Single-use food tools should also be used and moist towelettes should be provided on tables. They should also place stickers on their floors to organise social distancing- in front of toilets and lifts. Bathrooms should be sterilised after each use and furniture and fabrics cleaned regularly with disinfectant materials approved by the Health and Population Ministry. Facility managers will have to sign declarations of commitment to the operating guidelines and if they violate them, the director’s license will be revoked and the facility’s activity suspended. Restaurant employees will have to have their temperatures taken and the Health and Population Ministry will be notified if anyone is found to have Coronavirus. Restaurants also have to provide personal protection equipment for employees and sterilisation materials. Employees will have to wear face masks during working hours while those displaying Coronavirus symptoms will have to stay at home and employees will have to be provided with information related to Coronavirus and anti-Coronavirus measures. Customers should avoid overcrowding at entrances to restaurants. Restaurants should establish electronic booking systems. This could be telephone or online bookings. The temperatures of all customers should also be taken. Governors across the country have been introduced to fully implement the Supreme Ministerial Committee for Coronavirus Crisis Management decisions. Full story

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