More Businesses Allowed to Reopen

The Regional Municipalities and Water Resources Ministry has issued a statement announcing more businesses can reopen from tomorrow. The Decision does not apply to shops in public markets. They will only be allowed to reopen if they comply with anti-Coronavirus measures including social distancing. Labour recruitment offices, shops selling used spare parts, textiles, doors or windows, artificial jewellery, iron and aluminium products, paints and polishing materials will be able to reopen. Shops selling plastic and paper leftovers, shops selling traditional weapons and repairing them, shops selling wood and iron boxes, blacksmith requirements and aluminium chips and kitchen showrooms can reopen as well. Installation of CCTV cameras and protection systems services, pottery and hand-made products, electric lift and stairs companies, furniture upholstery and vehicle seat upholstery will also be able to reopen. In addition, ice factories, Masar-making shops, shops selling and repairing musical instruments, air conditioning and washing machines services and tank factories can reopen. Ink filling, sales of workshop requirements, makers of Omani khanjar, financing offices, customs clearance and shipping offices and financial brokerage offices can reopen also. Cleaning companies, installers of thermal insulation, artistic production offices, sales of audiotapes, metal printing, metal turning, sales and rentals of wedding gowns, laundry services and sales of antiques and paintings can resume. Finally, garment workshops, sales and installations of hotel and kitchen equipment, advertising outlets, men’s and women’s garments, family consultants, sales of glass, cutting of used tyres, car driving instruction offices, hospitality services companies, travel and tourism offices, camel racetracks and installers of gypsum work can reopen or resume their activities. Full story

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