Fines for Employers Violating Ant-Coronavirus Measures Announced

Oman’s Manpower Ministry has issued Oman Ministerial Decision No. 167/2020 specifying the fines for employers who violate anti-Coronavirus measures in the Sultanate. Under Oman Ministerial Decision No. 167/2020, those who do not employ security guards to monitor and record the entry and exit of employees and visitors from the employee’s accommodation will be fined 500 Rials. Those who don’t maintain a special record for employees suspected of being infected with Coronavirus measures will also be fined 500 Rials. Those who fail to place awareness posters in various languages will be fined 100 Rials as will those who don’t have a contingency plan to tackle the spread of Coronavirus. Those who don’t wear face masks RO 100 or providing hand sanitiser will be fined 10 Rials. Those who don’t disinfect work tools and equipment will be fined 100 Rials as well. In addition, those who don’t have a thermometer or don’t have social distancing signs at their work sites or worker accommodation will be fined 100 Rials. Finally, those who don’t train employees about their anti-Coronavirus measures will be fined 100 Rials. Full story

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