Filming Safety Guidelines Issued

Jordan’s Royal Film Commission has issued safety guidelines for filming in the country. They have been issued as part of anti-Coronavirus measures in the country. They have been published on the Labour Ministry’s website and were issued after international filming procedures were reviewed. They were approved by the Health and Labour Ministries. Under the guidelines, Coronavirus tests must be complied with and social distancing must be observed. The number of people on set must be kept to a minimum and arrivals and entry to sets should be organised. Suitable accommodation for film crews should be provided and hygiene and cleaning requirements should be followed. Other anti-Coronavirus measures, including wearing face masks and emergency procedures should be followed. Crew members should undertake health and safety awareness training before filming and productions must assign a health and safety supervisor who is accredited by the Labour Ministry to ensure procedures are implemented. In addition, foreign crews have to follow the country’s air travel regulations are followed as well as the regulations on entering the Kingdom. There are also recommendations for international productions looking to film in Jordan. Eligible productions filming in Jordan can benefit from a cash rebate of between 10 and 25% as well as tax and customs duty exemptions. Full story

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