Sports Clubs and Youth Centres to Reopen

Egypt’s Youth and Sports Minister has announced sports clubs and youth centres in the country will be allowed to reopen. However, they have to comply with specific anti-Coronavirus measures. They will only be open to members until 1 July and restaurants and club dressing rooms will stay closed. From 1 July sports activities will gradually return in line with approvals from the relevant committee. Non-contact sports like tennis and weightlifting will return first. Contact sports will be able to resume in August providing they comply with anti-Coronavirus measures. There will be special rules for football. There will be a health official in each centre and even if the gym can cater for 100 people, they will not be able to cater more than 30. Social distancing rules will also have to complied with. All sports clubs, popular clubs, youth centres and gyms were shut down in March as part of the Government’s anti-Coronavirus measures. Full story

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