Dubai: Government Issues Quarantine Rules for Returning Travellers

The Dubai Government and Dubai Tourism have issued a guide to COVID 19 quarantine rules for travellers arriving in Dubai. During or after booking an airline ticket travellers will be informed of the 14-day quarantine requirement. They will also be given information on hotels with rates which qualify for hotel based quarantine, the choice to either Home or Hotel Quarantine and the criteria which must be satisfied for home quarantine. If the hotel option is chosen the traveller must book with a qualifying quarantine hotel via the list on prior to travel. At the airport clear directions are taken and a COVID-19 test is taken at the airport. Home Quarantine criteria include installing and registering on the COVID19 DXB App, and signing an undertaking. If using home quarantine the traveller must have access to a private room and bathroom in the house. Their health must be stable and none of the members of the household must be in the high risk category. They must have means of communication, e.g. a phone at the property Those who do not satisfy these requirements will need to undertake hotel quarantine.

The regular immigration and luggage pickup process then follows and transport to the quarantine hotel and other Emirate destination transfers is organised. A 14 day quarantine period is required. All rules and regulations must be followed at home or in a hotel and the traveller and the household must be able to follow the precautions. A first aid kit with a thermometer must also be available at their home. Those opting for hotel quarantine will be required to stay in their rooms for the full period and will have to clean their own room. Food and drink will be provided by the hotel but the passengers will also be able to order takeaways at their own cost online. If someone experiences symptoms the hotel will follow the reporting requirements with the Dubai Health Authority. Passengers will be given access to a 24/7 tele-doctor 24/7 during the quarantine a through a dedicated mobile App. Travellers may be required to wear face masks and gloves in public areas. After the 14 day quarantine travellers have to check out of the hotel. Full story

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