Sharjah: 30% of Government Employees to Return to Offices on 14 June

Sharjah’s Human Resources Department has announced 30% of Government employees in all departments will return to work on 14 June. The announcement follows directives from the Emirate’s Executive Council. The percentage will be gradually increased weekly based on reports from Government entities to the Human Resources Department. The percentage of employees attending workplaces may be established, reduced or increased depending on the circumstances, the extent of compliance with anti-Coronavirus measures including social distancing by employees based on reports from various Government departments and institutions in the Emirate. The Department have issued a Circular to this effect. It was sent to Government entities in the Emirate. It outlines the groups which are excluded from returning to workplaces, provided the nature of their work does not require them to be physically present. These groups include pregnant women, those with special needs and those with chronic diseases and immune deficiencies. Employees who are over 60, female employees who have children of school age who are in the ninth grade or below are exempt until the end of the current academic year. It also deals with the reduction of support staff according to the type of work they carry out and they will offered special leave with pay. The Department had contacted all Government institutions in the Emirate with detailed instructions and guidelines to ensure they could reopen in line with anti-Coronavirus measures. Full story

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