Conditional Reopening of Malls on 15 June Clarified

Qatar’s Commerce and Industry Ministry has clarified the rules around the conditional reopening of malls on 15 June. Those under-12 and over 60 will not be allowed to enter malls. Malls will also stay closed on Fridays and Saturdays. Food courts, gaming arenas and cinemas will also stay closed. Shops in malls which are 300 square metres or bigger will be allowed to reopen but will not be allowed to be more 30% full. Malls will also not be allowed to be more than 30% full. Frequent sterilisation will have to be undertaken. Face masks will also have to be worn by employees and visitors and those with a temperature over 37.8 degrees will not be allowed in. No violations will be accepted and the violating shop will not be the only entity punished. The exemption from paying electricity and water charges will be extended until the middle of September and the national guarantee programme will be extended until next year. In addition, the exemption from fees for industrial and logistical areas will also be extended beyond 1 September. Full story

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