New Isolation Guidelines Announced

The Government Executive Committee has announced Coronavirus patients will have the option of isolating at home under new directives which have been approved. The new directives came into force on 7 June 2020. They were issued following a recommendation from the National Medical Taskforce for Combating Coronavirus and are in line with World Health Organisation standards.

Those who test positive for Coronavirus will be sent to the Shamel Field Hospital (Comprehensive Disability Centre) for triaging and assessment. Those who meet the relevant criteria and opt to self-isolate at home will be issued with an electronic bracelet and receive the necessary medical supplies during the isolation period. This will include masks, sterile gloves and, if required, basic medicine. Those who are asymptomatic and who are isolating at home will be monitored by health professionals and the BeAware Bahrain application daily. Any symptoms which develop should be reported and anyone isolating at home should isolate for 14 days. Before they are discharged, they will have to undertake a Self-Isolation Exit Test Appointment. However, certain criteria will have to be met before they isolate at home. They must be under 60 and have no underlying chronic illnesses. Those who are asymptomatic, have mild symptoms or those not living with individuals with low immunity and who have access to a secluded area where they live can isolate at home. In addition, they must comply with the strict isolation guidelines. Those isolating at home must not mix with others at all and they must use a separate room and bathroom. They must also not share personal tools and utensils and they should ensure they uphold their personal hygiene. This includes regularly wash their hands with soap and water. In addition, they should dispose of waste in a separate trash bag and only add the waste to household waste after 72 hours. Appointments for testing must also be arranged and those who have come into contact with anyone with Coronavirus will have to ensure they do not interact with others and do not leave their house. If they have to leave the house for emergencies they will have to wear a face mask. After the 14-day isolation they will have to be tested again. Those living in the same house will also have to follow the isolation guidelines. Full story

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