Permit System in Abu Dhabi for Movement In and Out of the Emirate

Abu Dhabi Police have brought in a permit system to allow residents to enter and leave the Emirate. The mechanism which is for essential travel only was put in place as a one-week ban on travel came into effect. For the next seven days, residents of Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain and Al Dhafra can travel within their cities but cannot leave them and cannot go to other emirates. However, the travel ban does not prevent people leaving their homes and a permit is not needed for shopping, going to work, or leisure activities. The permits are for exceptional circumstances only and can be applied for online on the Abu Dhabi police website. Checkpoints have been set up at the entrances to cities and the Emirate’s borders. People who work in Abu Dhabi have been told to stay in Abu Dhabi for one week. Full story

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