Ban on Congregational Prayers Lifted

Authorities in Kuwait have lifted the temporary suspension on congregational prayers, but there are restrictions including setting markings to determine the place for worshipers during prayers to keep them at least 1.5 metres apart and the need to leaving a one row space between every two rows of worshipers. Mosque doors will need to be kept open as worshipers enter and exit to avoid touching door handles and mosques will need to be sterilises. Mosques will open five minutes before the call to prayer, and close 10 minutes after the prayer. However, Friday prayers and women’s prayer rooms will remain closed until further notice, according to a decision by the Minister of Endowment. Under the decision, sermons, workshops and all other activities in mosques remain suspended. The high-density mosques will continue to be closed, including suburban mosques and those in commercial, investment, industrial, artisan and agricultural districts, and mosques in private housing, petrol stations, highways, public parks, and markets. Full story

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