Some Mosques to be Allowed to Reopen

According to local newspaper reports, Turkey’s Interior Ministry are going to allow some mosques and masjids to reopen.They have issued a Circular to 81 provinces regarding this. However, worshippers will only be able to perform midday, afternoon and Friday prayers collectively but can worship individually at other times. 11 mosques have been cleaned to allow them to reopen tomorrow. The country’s Transport and Infrastructure Minister has announced some intercity trains will be able to run again. Train services between Ankara and Istanbul, Ankara and the western province of Eskişehir, Ankara and the Central Anatolian province of Konya and from Konya to Istanbul will be able to resume and up to 16 services a day will be allowed to run. They must never be more than 50% full and ticket prices must not be increased. Food can also not be served and passengers will have to wear face masks at train stations and on trains. Passengers who display Coronavirus symptoms on board will have to be put into isolation and hand-ed over to health officials at the first appropriate station. Passengers will need to provide a special code which they can get from an application which has been developed by the Health Ministry and a travel permit so as they can buy a train ticket. Social distancing and personal hygiene rules will also have to be complied with. However, an inter-city travel ban will remain in force for now but could be lifted on 3 June. The movement restrictions of those over 65 or under 20 will also not be relaxed. Full story

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