Guidelines for Public Sector Work to Resume Published

Kuwait’s Civil Service Commission has published guidelines for how public sector work can resume in the country. Under the guidelines there will be phased return. The four-chapter guidelines booklet sets policy objectives, measures and rules for the phased resumption of work as well as mechanisms for revised work hours and how to personnel and service applicants in various sectors should act. It also covers public safety requirements, terms, and anti-Coronavirus measures which must be complied with by employees and customers in various departments and sectors. Professional and financial rules are also specified as well as instructions to comply with the anti-Coronavirus measures announced by the relevant health authorities. The Civil Service Commission noted public sector work must be provided uninterrupted and a mechanism to enable this is being worked out. Employers should provide multiple work options and shift patterns as well as ensuring the health of employees and customers is protected and the anti-Coronavirus measures are complied with fully. In the first phase some employees should be given rest days. This should include pregnant employees, mothers nursing babies, employees with certain illnesses, the handicapped and those over 55 except for those holding leadership or supervisory positions. Some work should also be allowed to be carried out remotely and where work has to be carried out in offices, social distancing rules should be complied with. Full story

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