Anti-Coronavirus Guide for Vulnerable Issued

Saudi Arabia’s Health Ministry has issued a multilingual anti-Coronavirus guide for the vulnerable in the Kingdom. The aim of the guide is to provide them with information on how to prevent Coronavirus and how to identify if they have it. It also provides a 937 helpline number. It has been published on the Ministry’s Twitter Account as well as the ‘Live Well’ educational e-platform. It provides important tips for the elderly, diabetic, high blood pressure patients, cardiovascular patients, people with chest and respiratory diseases, those with HIV/AIDS, chronic kidney disease, cancer patients, pregnant and lactating women with weak immunity and severely obese people. The key bits of guidance are for those in these categories to stay at home, avoid touching animals, continue taking medications, be extra vigilant in terms of hygiene, continue exercising, wear face masks when they are not at home, observe social distancing rules, avoid sharing food and utensils and avoid gatherings. In addition, there are answers to frequently asked questions. Full story

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