Opening Times for Commercial and Industrial Enterprises Amended

The Interior and Municipalities Minister has issued a memorandum to all provinces and the General Directorate for Internal Security amending the opening times for commercial and industrial businesses in the country. The Minister said the third phase in reopening the country has started and detailed opening hours and instructions for the different types of businesses have been outlined. Under the instructions, the lock down will start from 7:00 pm and end at 5:00 am with limited public transport movement allowed. Public departments can reopen but will only be able to operate at 50% capacity. Private and free professions can open but will be subject to particular restrictions like preserving social distancing and implementing health and safety measures. Some businesses like factories, medical equipment and medicine distribution centres, mills, the stock exchange market, security companies, hotels and furnished apartments and petrol stations can open for 24 hours. The Decision also specifies a number of other businesses and their opening hours. Full story

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