Factories Given 72 Hours to End Labourers Overcrowding

Saudi Arabia’s Authority for Industrial Cities and Technical Areas (Modon) has given factories 72 hours to end the overcrowding of labourers in Dammam. Modon has agreed with the security authorities and the Health Ministry to end the overcrowding so as the city can be reopened.

Modon’s General Manager has announced stricter conditions and penalties will be applied on the factories which have overcrowding and similar plans will be implemented in other industrial zones. They added the directives of the relevant authorities stress the importance of meeting the conditions in the housing of labourers but the committee responsible for the Second Industrial Zone found many housing premises are not meeting the health specifications. They went on to say Modon has allowed factories to build tents and ready-made houses in open areas in the residential areas provided they are fire resistant and meet the health and safety conditions without fees being imposed. Full story

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