Anti-Coronavirus Plan Approved

Egypt’s Health Ministry has announced an anti-Coronavirus plan for the country. Under the plan, face masks should be worn when they are out of their homes and anyone who is not wearing face masks will be denied entry to establishments and public transport. Those over 50, with chronic diseases or pregnant women should stay at home and only leave their homes if absolutely necessary. Anyone suffering from Coronavirus should also stay at home and contact the country’s hotline on 105 for advice. Social distancing rules must also be complied with and public gatherings should be avoided. Personal belongings should not be shared and common areas should be cleaned before they are used. Tissues must also be used after sneezing and coughing and surfaces and floors should be cleaned at home and in communal areas. Healthy family members should deal with any home delivery employees and should wash their hands for 30 seconds with soap and water after handling any items delivered. Egypt’s Health Ministry has recommended entertainment venues should stay closed across the country. The recommendation applies to cinemas, theatres, cafes, fitness halls and sports clubs. It comes as the country continues to tackle Coronavirus. Weddings and funerals should also not resume and universities, schools, kindergartens and nurseries should stay closed. Full story

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