Safety Guidelines for Commercial Centres Issued

Muscat Municipality has issued Oman Decision No. 199/2020 issuing safety guidelines for commercial centres. It follows the resumption of some activities by commercial entities. Those centres which have been allowed to reopen have to apply various health measures, including sterilising surfaces, ensuring good ventilation and enhancing social distancing at cash counters and shopping areas. Customers will have to stay at least two metres apart and those with temperatures over 37.5 degrees will not be allowed into centres. They will also have to wear face masks and use sanitisers provided at centre entrances. They will only be allowed in in small groups and children will not be allowed to enter stores. They should also provide appropriate personal protective equipment to employees as well as check their temperatures and isolate anyone who shows Coronavirus symptoms. Commercial centres must work with the relevant departments if they suspect someone is infected with Coronavirus. Those who do not comply will be fined 500 Rials and closed for three days. Those who reoffend will be fined 2,000 Rials and close for ten days. Commercial entities which have not been allowed to reopen will have to stay closed. Full story

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