Thermal Camera Circular Issued

Abu Dhabi’s Economic Development Department has announced it has issued a Circular to the managers and owners of shopping malls and centres, food retailers and pharmacies in the Emirate to install thermal cameras and devices at their facilities. They should rent them from the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority. The thermal cameras and devices must be installed at the entrances to these entities. The devices will be linked to the Authority and malls will pay fees for the service which will be determined later. Visitors to malls cannot spend more than two hours there and malls can only operate at 30% capacity. Shopping centres must comply with the terms and conditions to be able to reopen. Visitors should follow the anti-Coronavirus measures including standing at the entrance in front of the thermal camera, wear face masks and gloves and comply with social distancing rules. They should also pay by card wherever possible. Malls should also ensure the social distancing rules are complied with and general service companies operating in malls must carry out frequent cleaning and sterilisation of escalators, elevators, washrooms and other commonly used areas. It comes as the Emirate relaxes its anti-Coronavirus restrictions. Full story

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