Some Commercial Activities Allowed to Resume

Oman’s Supreme Anti-Coronavirus Committee has announced some commercial activities will be allowed to resume. Vehicle repair workshops. fishing boat repair workshops. car part sale shops and outlets selling spare parts of fishing equipment can reopen. Outlets selling electronic and electrical appliances and computers, outlets repairing home electrical appliances and equipment, satellite transmission equipment outlets and car rental offices can also reopen. In addition, equipment and machinery rent offices, outlets specialising in stationery and office supplies, printing presses, Sanad offices and quarries and stone crushers can reopen. However, customers visiting these entities cannot enter workplaces and the entities will only be able to receive and deliver goods. The Committee has also allowed car electrical outlets, lube change outlets, brake repair workshops, tyre sale and repair outlets and money exchange companies to reopen. Only two customers will be allowed into these entities at one time and they must ensure strict health and safety measures are complied with. All employees should sterilise devices and equipment like phones. tablets and POS machines which are used frequently. They should check clients and employees for any respiratory symptoms, temperatures, coughs or runny noses. Anyone with these symptoms should be referred to the nearest health institution. Where employees are found to have Coronavirus symptoms or have come into contact with anyone with Coronavirus symptoms they should isolate and be provided with clean places to isolate. Surfaces like handles for drawers, doors and tables which are frequently used should also be cleaned regularly.

Employees and clients should wash hands frequently with soap and water or sterilise them with alcohol sanitizers and avoid touching eyes, mouths and noses. They should cover their mouths and noses with a tissue or elbow when they cough or sneeze and avoid shaking hands. They should also avoid sharing helmets, gloves and masks. They should also provide proper ventilation and ensure social distancing rules between employees and clients are complied with. They should use electronic and digital documents where possible and introduce an appointment system for clients and reduce the amount of time they wait in the organisation. However, commercial activities will not be allowed to resume in the Mabela, Ghala Industrial, and Wadi Kabir industrial areas of Muscat. The Committee added gatherings are still banned.

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