National Framework Programme for Health Disaster Management Approved

Saudi Arabia’s Health Council has announced it has approved a National Framework Programme for Health Disaster Management in the Kingdom. Once it is approved further,, the General Secretariat of the Council along with the relevant sectors, will implement the Programme. The Council coordinates works with different health agencies in the Kingdom to provide high quality healthcare. The approval follows the recommendations of a committee which studied the proposal for ambulatory care safety requirements in public places and utilities. It also stressed the need to prepare a draft system for ambulatory safety binding on all regulatory, licensing or supervisory bodies. The Council also approved uniform classification and coding systems in the medical field in the Kingdom and the updating and adopting of new versions of these regulations by the National Health Information Centre affiliated to the Council. The Centre have been instructed to prepare Executive Regulations to compel information technology companies in the Kingdom to obtain accreditation and licensing. A National Diabetes Control Strategy has also been approved and the National Diabetes Centre has been instructed to work with the relevant sectors to implement the strategy. Once it is approved further, the Centre will submit an annual report on the success of implementing the strategy across various sectors. The Council also agreed to establish a national committee to develop primary healthcare services as part of the implementation of a national primary healthcare strategy. When it comes to treating minors and those who are incapacitated where their guardians do not agree to treatment, the Council has referred the issue to the Health Ministry to ensure they are treated in line with the Kingdom’s Health Professions Law – Saudi Arabia Cabinet Decision No. 276/1426. The Council has been briefed on the challenges facing the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions as well as collecting the financial compensation for health services offered by Government facilities for private health insurance beneficiaries and what has been done in this area. It decided the health sectors will have to nominate a project manager, together with the Cooperative Health Insurance Council to implement the costs project for Government health services. Full story

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