Isolation Undertaking Required

Those returning to the Kingdom will have to sign a home or hotel isolation order. The order means those returning to the country will have to isolate for seven days in houses or hotels. It is part of the Kingdom’s repatriation programme. Those returning must contact the Health Ministry if Coronavirus symptoms appear and visit the nearest health facility or call 937. As part of the isolation, individuals will be checked on and tested once. If they test negative, they can leave isolation providing they undertake not to socialise with other people, follow official directives and stay away from crowded places and socialising with family members until the specific period ends. Those who leave hotel isolation will have to sign a pledge that they will isolate at home for another seven days. They will be monitored through the Titamman application and will need to visit the heath facility when they are called on the mobile number registered. Employees will follow up on their condition until the home isolation period ends and they will then be checked up on and tested to allow them to resume their normal daily life. Full story

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