Emergency Law Amendments Approved

The Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee of Egypt’s Parliament has approved amendments to the country’s State of Emergency Law (Egypt Law No. 162/1958). The amendments have been approved as the country continues to tackle Coronavirus. Under the amendments, the President or their representative will be authorised to take all or some of the measures to tackle the health emergency, including disrupting studies in universities and schools, completely or partially disrupting work in Ministries and departments and delaying electricity, gas, and water service payments. They may also allow the partial or total extension of tax payment deadlines as well as allowing taxes to be paid in instalments.

Nationals or foreigners coming into the country from abroad may be asked to isolate in line with the appropriate health requirements decided by the authorities. The export of some goods and products can be restricted as can the circulation, transfer, sale, or possession of some goods and products. In addition, the prices of some services, commodities and products may be amended as will the methods of collecting financial and in-kind donations. Finally, the rules for allocating and spending from these donations and determining financial or in-kind aid for individuals and families and defining rules for their disbursement have been amended. Full story

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