Restaurant Employee Guidelines Issued

Qatar’s Commerce and Industry Ministry has announced it has issued a Circular on guidelines for restaurant employees. Under the Circular, employees must comply with the health and safety requirements when preparing and delivering food. In addition, employers must take the temperatures of their employees twice a day and ensure employees keep 1.5 metres between them at all times. Employees should also wash their hands regularly. This includes before and after food preparation and accepting cash or card payments for food. Employers should make sure employees have access to sterilizers and disinfectants as well as face masks and gloves. Masks and gloves should be used during food preparation. They should also use gloves when handling tools which have been used by other people and properly dispose of them. Finally, all food orders should be placed in appropriate plastic bags which should be disposed of before the order is given to the customer. Eating in is still banned but takeaways are still allowed to stay open. Anyone who violates this Circular will be prosecuted in line with Qatar Law No. 8/2008 (the Consumer Protection Law).

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