Home Isolation Guidelines Issued

Oman’s Health Ministry has issued new home isolation guidelines (see) . Under the guidelines, people should stay in a well-ventilated single room with a toilet in the next room. They should not go out unless they need to visit a healthcare institution and only one assigned family member should take care of someone who is isolating. The individual providing the care should wear surgical masks, use disposable gloves when attending person in isolation and dispose them after use. They should then wash their hands with soap and water immediately. Visitors and family should not meet. Household items, including towels, dishes and drinking glasses should not be shared. The isolated person should use separate items.
Those isolating should also clean their rooms and toilet daily. They should isolate for 14 days and should not come out of isolation until they have informed the healthcare provider supervising them. When their healthcare provider visits them, they should wear a mask. Those who do not comply will be in breach of Oman Sultani Decree No. 32/2020 (amending Oman Sultani Decree No. 73/1992). Full story

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