ArchiveMarch 2020

Warning Issued to Rumourmongers


Oman’s Public Prosecution has issued a warning to rumourmongers that they could be jailed for three years. The Sultanate has seen several rumours spread. Posting of fake news has also been an issue and the country’s Health Ministry has urged residents and citizens to visit the official channels for news updates. The relevant legislation is Article 115A of Oman Sultani Decree No...

Food Security Law Approved


The UAE’s President has approved a Food Security Law. The aim is to ensure there is enough food in the country in emergencies. Under the Law, retailers will have to allow their inventories to be monitored and anyone who hoards food or does not adhere to the law will be punished. The Economy Ministry will be responsible for implementing the Law and will work with the National Emergency...

Rumour Clampdown Announced


The General Directorate of Bahrain’s Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science has announced a clampdown on rumours and spreading fake news. The clampdown is being carried out together with the General Directorate of Media and Security Culture. Citizens and residents are being urged to visit official news sources for accurate information. Those who spread rumours or post fake news will be...



A circular from the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform was published on Tuesday March 31, 2020, providing accompanying measures for the benefit of public establishments and enterprises to ensure flexibility in management during the period of health emergency linked to the coronavirus pandemic. Among these measures, the circular specifies that for contracts or purchase...

SAMA Announces Exemptions on Certain Fee Payments


The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) has approved a number of measures and fee exemptions designed to reduce the negative impact of COVID-19 on the economy. The new measures include encouraging businesses to amend or restructure their current loans without having to pay any fees or additional costs. The aim is to enable affected businesses to continue their businesses and to keep their...

SAMA Suspension of Face to Face Working Extended


The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) has announced that it is extending the suspension of requirements to attend its offices and branches until a further notice. SAMA has also stated that financial institutions should continue to work remotely. The move is part of a wider initiative to suspend work in government offices and departments and in the private sector until further notice to combat...



The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority has issued SAMA Circular No. 41051339/1441 dated 29/03/2020, which mandated the obligations of banks towards individuals and the private sector during this crisis, including an obligation to contact clients from the private sector who are harmed by the precautionary measures to offer amendments or restructuring of loans, implement plans to continue to pay...

Central Bank Launches Mobile Payment System


The Governor of the Qatari Central Bank has launched a system for mobile phone based payments called the “Qatar Mobile Payment” (QMP) which provides a new and safe way for electronic instant payments. The system aims at enabling users to use an electronic portfolio on their mobile to make electronic payments from person to person or pay for goods this way. The system will also allow user to...

Ministry produces medical equipment to fight COVID-19 pandemic


Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI), in cooperation with the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (Madayn), Oman Technology Fund (OTC) and some SMEs specialised in the field of 3D printing technologies, has succeeded to produce a number of equipment and tools used in the health sector, in light of the rapid spread COVID-19 pandemic in the world. Full story